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Fully believing you can help uplift the world through conscious content, she’s a woman on a mission to spread enlightening information and good vibes! 

Brooke has appeared on MTV, ABC, AMC, Oxygen, TBS, Covergirl, Merry Jane, and wrote/produced/hosted a live daily social news show Stream On for! 

She will also appear as co-host of the upcoming reality series The Next Marijuana Millionaire with “BigMike” Straumietis. 


A cannabis advocate and activist, Brooke is currently a reporter/producer for Merry Jane, Snoop Dogg’s cannabis media company. Following the latest in cannabis culture and legislation for the past two years has inspired Brooke to educate broad audiences about the medicinal, environmental, and economical benefits of the marijuana plant. 


As creator/producer of Prisoners of Prohibition, a four part docu-series for Merry Jane, Brooke’s effort was to highlight those serving life sentences for cannabis crimes and raise awareness about these glaring injustices in a rapidly evolving industry. 


In addition to cannabis, Brooke has a passion for being a well informed and involved citizen and communicator. 

Thus, she founded a platform for cannabis content, politics, wellness, environmentalism and spirituality. 

A yogi at heart, Brooke’s Mantra is “May all beings everywhere be happy and free!”


Brooke Burgstahler

Actress | Host | Comedian


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Brooke Burgstahler

Brooke Burgstahler

Brooke Burgstahler Hosting Reel

Brooke Burgstahler Comedy Reel

Brooke Burgstahler Dramatic Reel

Brooke Burgstahler- Reporter Reel


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